Travertine Step Treads

Travertine brings the wow factor to step treads. There's nothing quite as impressive or sophisticated as a stone staircase. In fact, since Roman times, Travertine has been used to create some of the grandest, most stunning staircases.

We use large pieces of Travertine to eliminate the joints created by tiles, which creates a seamless, almost natural look. The curved edges of our Travertine step treads, meanwhile, ensure that you'll never again encounter a nasty sharp blow to the shin or injure the sole of your foot when descending your stairs without shoes.

With only minimal maintenance, your beautiful Travertine staircase will last through the decades, adding a sense of style to your home, which is sure to impressive for years to come. By choosing matching shades, you can seamlessly match your staircase to your indoor Travertine flooring and even external paving, pool coping, and facades. This versatile natural stone can transform your home inside and out.

Mataka can supply you with high quality yet affordable Travertine step treads in Perth. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team to find out more about our range of Travertine products and how we can help you with your project.

Medium pool coping and step treads

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