Travertine Stone Pavers

Mataka offers a great range of Travertine pavers. Our stone pavers are selected by experts for their construction quality and appearance.

Did you know that Travertine stone was used by the innovative Roman Empire for some of the very first roads ever laid? Some of those roads still exist today, showing how remarkably durable travertine paving can be.

Benefits of Travertine pavers

A resilient and attractive natural stone product, Travertine pavers are highly regarded due to their strength and incredible lifespan. Of course, you want your outdoor paving to look good but, above all, you want it to be hardwearing and low maintenance.

When it comes to durability, Travertine wins every time against cement. Travertine is less prone to cracking, too.

Additionally, Travertine is much cooler under your feet compared to granite or cement pavers. This makes it a perfect choice for outdoor areas, making sure your bare feet won't fry in Perth's intense heat.

How to install Travertine pavers

If you're a good DIYer, you'll love Travertine pavers. The installation method is straightforward and easy for handy people who love to create their own designs.

  1. First, a level is laid and sand base compacted.
  2. Next, cracker dust and cement are mixed along with a small amount of water to a thick consistency that can be rolled into a ball in the hand.
  3. The cracker dust is then laid onto the compacted sand base, to a thickness of 30 mm.
  4. Adhesive is applied to the back of the Travertine paver and then tapped into the cracker dust.

Keeping Travertine pavers clean

Travertine pavers can be used outdoors and are quite resilient to the extreme Perth weather. However, with some basic cleaning and maintenance you will be able to extend the life of your pavers.

  • If you use outdoor furniture, make sure you don't drop or drag them across Travertine pavers as this could lead to chips and scratches.
  • Keep surrounding greenery in check by ensuring you remove any weeds or grass that is trying to grow through the cracks. Alternatively you can use grout to close up the gaps.
  • Sweep and mop the surfaces regularly or use a mild cleaning agent for tough dirt.
  • Sealing your Travertine pavers with a weather resistant coat is also a very good idea but should be left to the professionals.
  • Try to avoid harsh cleaners or anything that can be acidic including products that contain lemon or vinegar. Using a scourer pad is also not recommended as this can scratch your pavers.
  • Use a low pressure water blast to clean the area if you intend to remove caked on dirt.

Not a DIYer? No problem! If you'd like to find professionals to install your Travertine pavers in Perth and surrounding, Mataka can source reliable specialist contractors for you.

Ask us about Travertine pavers

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Please note that stones shown below are examples and actual products may vary. Mataka strongly recommends that orders are personally viewed to ensure satisfaction.





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