Travertine Stone

Travertine is our favourite product to work with. Mataka has a complete range of Travertine for Perth homes and businesses. Our range includes Travertine tiles, paving, coping and various stone flooring options. We stock only the finest, hand-picked stone for your project.

All about Travertine

Although you may sometimes hear Travertine referred to as 'Travertine limestone' or 'Travertine marble', it's actually neither. Technically, it's a calcareous rock, formed in mineral springs.

Travertine has become the most commonly used stone in the building industry today. This elegant natural stone is extremely popular with Australian designers for its versatility and reliability in any environment. Travertine can be used to pave floors and walls, as well as paths and patio areas. It can be carved into stairs, water features and more.

Travertine also has many practical benefits. It's easy to repair and keep clean, and because it doesn't absorb heat, it's an ideal choice for outdoor paving, indoor flooring and pool areas.

Travertine typically requires very little maintenance and should last for many, many years. This affordable option is budget-friendly and provides excellent values in comparison to other stone alternatives.

Travertine is available in a variety of colours, including white, cream, grey and coral red. It is characterised by its distinctively porous appearance which is caused by the bubbling of carbon dioxide during its formation. These pores can either be filled or unfilled to create a natural or smooth appearance.

Selecting your Travertine

As with all natural rocks, the formation of Travertine can vary considerably in texture, colour and design factors. For this reason, we encourage our customers to come and examine their choices of stone to ensure that it meets their expectations.

Available honed and filled, in tumbled and unfilled finishes, our premium product range includes:

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