The benefits of Travertine pavers

Some homeowners think that the best way to add a touch of luxury to a home is to install tiles made from either marble or granite, but we beg to differ. While marble and granite are undeniably elegant, they’re both expensive materials that look similar to the much more affordable Travertine, which is our speciality.

Mataka source and import the highest grade Travertine from Italy before carefully constructing it into high-quality products, such as tiles and pool coping. We adore Travertine because it’s as practical as it is stylish, and aside from the fact that it’s beautiful, the benefits of this stone include longevity, easy maintenance, and eco-friendliness.

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We’re happy to recommend contractors in and around Perth that have earned our seal of approval for installing our fantastic products, ensuring your beautiful new tiles get installed perfectly. However, naturally, you’re probably interested in learning more about the benefits of Travertine before deciding whether or not to go ahead with a purchase.

Practical, elegant, and long lasting

For over three decades, Travertine has remained our speciality product because of its versatility and practicality, and it can be used for a multitude of applications, from tiling your wall to surrounding your pool. Plus, we offer fantastic warranties and recommend experienced contractors for the installation, but that’s not what makes Travertine pavers so desirable.

If you’ve ever been to Europe to visit historical architectural masterpieces, you’ve likely witnessed an abundance of Travertine stone even if you didn’t realise it. For millennia, Travertine has been a favourite among architects, builders, and property owners, largely due to the reasons listed below.

Travertine pavers are affordable

Many homeowners purchase granite or marble when they want their home to convey a classic appearance. However, the only downside to either of said materials is that they’re notoriously expensive. Travertine, on the other hand, is affordable and in high demand because it looks almost indistinguishable from marble and granite, depending on which product you choose.

Plus, Travertine isn’t a material that’s been manufactured to look like something else – it’s a naturally occurring stone that forms when calcium carbonate gets deposited to the Earth’s surface via natural springs. There’s a good reason why Travertine has remained popular in the construction industry for over two millennia.

Travertine is versatile

As mentioned above, Travertine can be used for an almost countless number of applications, whether it’s to create a feature wall or surround your outdoor pool. Additionally, Travertine tiles and pavers come in a broad range of tones and colours, allowing you to achieve the precise appearance you desire as well as inject some originality into your home.

We highly recommend visiting us to browse our range of products so that you can find the perfect one for you in terms of quality, shade, and colour. Colours include cream, white, coral red, and grey, and if you’d prefer a smooth finish, we can fill its natural pores.

A durable material that adds value to your home

Whether you’re revamping your home because you fancy a change or are trying to sell it, Travertine is a good choice because it’s extremely durable in addition to being timelessly stylish. All it takes is a periodic clean with warm soapy water to keep Travertine tiles looking as good as new. Plus, as long as they’re handled with care, they’re very difficult to crack, making them perfect for floors and walls both inside and outside.

Some people prefer their pavers to look as natural as possible, and if that sounds good to you, you might want to opt for tiles that haven’t had their pores filled. However, tiles that have been filled are less prone to holes widening with time. Either way, you can feel confident that whichever Travertine products you choose will stand the test of time and make your home more enticing to property hunters.

Travertine pavers are easy to replace

While it’s true that Travertine is a durable natural stone, it can still sustain damage after many years. After all, nothing in this world is invincible. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that Travertine tiles and pavers are easily replaceable should they become cracked or unsightly, and the installation of one or two tiles takes a matter of minutes.

Of course, because Travertine is a natural stone, no two tiles or pavers are identical. However, it’s easy to find tiles that are almost the same colour and tone as the ones you already have, so after you’ve replaced the damaged tiles, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Travertine is environmentally friendly

Travertine is more eco-friendly than many other types of stone because it requires no treatment to make it ready for use. Stones that need to go through a manufacturing process leave a carbon footprint and subsequently harm our environment, but Travertine, being a naturally occurring material, only needs cutting and shaping, and filling depending on your requirements.

We all have a duty to take care of the environment, but that doesn’t mean we can settle for ugly homes that lack character and style. You can feel confident that you’re doing your part to go green by purchasing Travertine pavers, and in our opinion, they look just as stylish as more expensive and less eco-friendly alternatives such as granite and marble.

You can’t go wrong with Travertine

We adore Travertine because of its appearance, versatility, durability, and timeless appeal, and we’re dedicated to stocking the highest quality products available to give you peace of mind. We take great pride in what we do, and we know you’ll love your home more than ever after having a Travertine wall, floor, or pool surround installed.

Don’t worry if you think you lack the DIY skills to carry out a high-quality installation because we are more than happy to recommend contractors in your area that have our seal of approval. Contact us to learn more about our fantastic product range, or browse our Travertine product pages to gain some inspiration.

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