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Are you thinking of giving your flooring a makeover? Well the good news is, the opportunities for flooring are endless - although of course budget is likely to be a driving factor when it comes to choosing your new flooring.

It may not be obvious, but here’s more to flooring than simply being a space to walk on. Whilst comfort is important, more and more people are keen to make flooring the focal point of a room. There’s a wide range of material available to help inject some personality and set the tone, including wood, ceramics, porcelain and even glass. But if you’re looking for something special; something that’ll be a talking point and add value to your home, natural stone like travertine is made for floors.

Here's a few more top tips to help transform your home's hard working floors:

10 top tips for fabulous flooring

Choose flooring to suit your lifestyle. Take into consideration whether the space is a high traffic area or a quieter zone. This will help you to decide what type of durability the flooring requires. Natural stone tiles like travertine are highly durable, which makes them perfect for busy rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Larger spaces can achieve the wow factor with complete floor and wall mosaics in a feature colour.

Black grout has a stunning effect when matched with white/lighter tiles. But cleaning can be difficult as it hides dirt and mould. So maybe go for something a bit more low maintenance.

Need flooring in a small space? Opt for travertine floor tiles in warm and light tones to enhance the sensation of space.

For flooring, we recommend following the key rules of "less is more". So nothing too way out or over the top.

For bathroom flooring, decorative tiled features in the shower, vanity area and on the floor can look amazing. However these type of tiles can be quite costly. Pick an area that isn’t too large and won’t blow the budget.

Avoid materials that can change colour or quality when they get dirty, and make sure your flooring is water resistant. When it comes to floor tiles low maintenance is the key.

Tiling a small room? Remember, the smaller the room the smaller the tiles. It's a well know rule, which will help to make the small space look bigger.

We recommend choosing the colour and size of your tile first. Then choose the cabinets, vanities, fittings and accessories to complement the base tile. This way the interior flow of the area will provide a complete picture.

In a small space, it's easy to make the area appear busy and cluttered.The combination of small tiles throughout the area and grout can often create this effect. Take future growth needs into account.

Mataka stocks a wide range of natural stone flooring for commercial and residential projects. As an established importer of beautiful travertine stone, we’re here to help you with your travertine floor tiling requirements.

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