How to pick the right pavers for your home

Pavers are a crucial component for just about any outdoor space - from landscaped gardens to pool decking. It’s easy to focus on the plants in your garden and your outdoor furniture, but the pavers have an important role to play, too. Not only do they tie together your design scheme, they also have to bear up under the traffic they support on a daily basis.

The right pavers can truly complete an outdoor space. They add colour, texture and geometric patterns to your garden. And unlike the flowers and other plants in your garden - which grow, bloom, wither and grow again over the years - your pavers provide the same aesthetic touches to your garden day after day and year after year.

Given the important role they play, it's wise to give plenty of thought to the pavers you install.

Tips for choosing the best pavers for an outdoor space.

1. Know the effect you are trying to achieve

Property owners install pavers for a variety of different reasons, and this will affect the type of paver chosen for the job. For example, lighter coloured stones make more sense, as they’ll be cooler underfoot. On the other hand, pavers for a driveway can be darker if desired. Our Travertine pavers stay remarkably cool, even when they’re under direct sunlight for much of the day.

2. Choose the right colour

Being mindful of the primary purpose of your pavers will help you choose the best colour and style. But it’s also important to consider the overall design scheme of the area where you’ll be installing pavers. Our Travertine stone pavers come in four main colours:

  • silver
  • autumn
  • noce
  • medium
  • When it comes to choosing colours, there's no substitute for an up-close look. We recommend that our customers visit our warehouse to examine their order directly from the crates to ensure that the shade and colour are correct.

    3. Know your textures

    One of the great things about paving with natural stone is the option to choose from various natural textures. Stone pavers often have a natural grainy texture, though this depends largely upon how the pavers are finished. We supply a variety of finishes - from natural to sleek and polished. For outdoor pavers, a rougher finish usually makes sense and offers better traction.

    4. Consider the light

    This factor is easy to overlook, but it’s important from an aesthetic standpoint. If your pavers are going to be in direct sunlight most of the time, then the space they occupy will naturally appear a bit more expansive. This is an optical illusion, but it appears real nonetheless. If the space you are dealing with is limited, then more reflective (i.e. lighter coloured) pavers are more appropriate. If the space is broader, then darker coloured pavers may provide balance.

    If you're in the process of planning an outdoor or landscaped space, Mataka can assist. Contact us today to find out more about our selection of Travertine pavers.

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