How to choose swimming pool pavers

If you're looking to beautify your pool decking and outdoor landscaping, natural stone pavers may be just the thing you're searching for. Our Travertine pool pavers come in a variety of styles and shades. They’re timeless, elegant and surprisingly cool to the touch - even on those intensely sunny summer days that Western Australia is famous for.

But for those who have never undertaken a landscaping project like this before, shopping around for the best pool pavers can be a little intimidating. In this post, we’re going to try and relieve some of that pressure by bringing our own industry expertise to the table.

In our experience, these are the three most critical factors to consider when shopping around for pool pavers.

1. Slip resistance

Any time you're installing outdoor pavers, slip resistance needs to be taken into account. Otherwise, rain or even a bit of morning dew could make the pavers slippery. But this need is amplified with pool pavers. Not only is it possible that people will be walking on the pavers when they’re wet - it's inevitable! This makes it all the more important that the material you use provides ample traction underfoot.

2. Surface temperature

Upon first consideration, you may assume that the choice of colour for your pavers is really just a matter of preference. Whilst there is ample opportunity for you to customise the look of your pool area, it's usually better to use lighter coloured pavers. This is because darker colours absorb heat rather than reflect it. If your pool pavers and coping are absorbing, the surface could become uncomfortably hot for bare feet.

3. Corrosion Potential

Travertine pavers are highly durable, but they’re still made of natural stone - and this means you need to be careful with saltwater swimming pools. Travertine and some other types of stone do fine with chlorinated water, but the water in saltwater swimming pools can have a more corrosive effect on stone. If you are shopping around for stone pavers and hoping to use with a saltwater swimming pool, be sure to let the suppliers know about this detail. They can advise you on purchasing stone that has been treated to resist corrosion of this nature.

The rest are really just aesthetic considerations

Once you have found a line of tiles that offers slip resistance, low surface temperature and resistance to saltwater corrosion, the remaining considerations are really just a matter of aesthetics. At this point, it's up to you to determine which colours and styles are best suited to your project.

Mataka stock a wide variety of Travertine shades and styles. Whether you’re looking for a matte finish, a polished look or something a bit more rugged and natural, we can supply you with the perfect stone pavers for your swimming pool. The fact that Travertine has historically been used in road building, there’s no question as to its durability. Our pavers can easily last more than a lifetime. Contact the Mataka team to learn more.

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