DIY outdoor patio tips

If you just want a simple rectangular patio and the area in which you wish to install it is fairly level already, doing it yourself could be a practical option that enables you to save a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you would like a more complex design, or the land on which you wish to lay the stone pavers is far from level, you may prefer to call in the professionals to ensure that the job gets done right first time. Assuming that you have determined the task is within your capabilities, the tips below will help you to avoid some of the more common mistakes that DIYers are prone to make with their first patio installation.

Installing a new patio by yourself

If you have decided to tackle the job yourself, use the tips below to give yourself the best possible chance of making a success of your new patio. If you are just laying pavers, you can probably handle all the necessary work on your own but if you are planning to build perimeter walls as well, complete with stone cladding, it might be worth enlisting the help of a friend or family member.

Measure and mark - While it can be tempting just to jump right in and start laying pavers in the general area you wish to build your patio, this is asking for trouble. The best approach is to measure the area you wish to cover and either stake it out or spray lines directly onto the ground with landscaping paint. Once you have done this, you should calculate the desired height of your finished patio: you will want it to be high enough to avoid water pooling on the surface in rainy conditions. Bear in mind that in addition to the thickness of your pavers, you should include another 6 inches in your calculations to accommodate the sand and gravel base.

Excavate carefully - Whether you are using Travertine pavers, granite stones, or precast concrete blocks, you will first need to carefully excavate the area in order to achieve the perfect height above the surrounding land. Tamp the earth to make sure it is level and firm once you are done.

Prepare the foundation meticulously - Landscaping fabric can be laid first, to stop invasive weeds from spoiling the appearance of your patio, after which you will need to lay gravel then sand, levelling off the area at each stage. You should then screed the sand and use edging to hold everything in place.

Lay your pavers - Once your edging is in place, you can start laying your pavers, cutting odd pieces with a decent masonry chisel and hammer.

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